Gorely Volcano

Gorely (or Burnt) consists of two big structures: an ancient shield volcano, the top of which is crowned with a 13 kilometer caldera, and a modern Stratovolcano.  The modern structure occupies 150 square km and is situated in the caldera’s center. Its top is rimmed with a chain of craters, and its slopes
have about 30 hornitos. The ancient volcanic structure with the area of 650 square km is very peculiar. Its gentle slopes stretch south to the Paratunka headwaters, while in the northeast ­ to the sources of the Zhirovaya River, in the east ­ to the Falshivaya or False and Vulkannayaor Volcano Rivers, in
the south ­ to the northern slopes of Asatcha Volcano and in the west to Tolmachiov Dale.
The odd relief resembles moonscape with almost zero vegetation or animal life. Gorely is very active: there are many fumaroles and a lake in one of the main craters with water just below boiling point. The volcano intermittently ejects steam­gas columns up to three kilometers.
The height of Gorely is 1.82 km. It has 11 craters. Since observations began, the longest period of dormancy has been 60 years. On average, it erupts every 19 years. When the last eruption occurred in 1984­86, a thick black ash trail stretched to Petropavlovsk across Avacha Bay. The city was showered with heavy ash falls.
Trekking up Gorely is an interesting hike for both experienced mountaineers and people who can walk up a steep trail to view this very picturesque volcano. The road, which runs at the altitude of one thousand meters above the sea level, leads to all craters and numerous accessible ridges. The spectacular vista of multicolored streams of lava, fanciful pyroplastic outliers, and rocky steeps of the craters can impress everyone. To the west of the volcano, up to the Tolmachovskoye Reservoir, extends a lifeless lava field. By the way, the first Soviet Lunakhod (moon rover) was tested here.
The trek to Gorely Volcano does not have any class of difficulty.
Nevertheless, one should not risk and go there unfit or without an experienced guide. Before going to any volcano, it is strongly recommended to register at the local Ministry of Emergency!