Sea cruise

Яхта "Северный орёл" Comfortable Yacht «Severny Oryol» tel. +7 (914) 780-20-01
tel. +7 (914) 783-16-75
Морские круизы Marine cruises Marine cruises are very popular with Kamchatka visitors and its residents
Морской круиз в бухту Русская Russian Bay At the entrance to Russian Bay there is a rookery of Steller's sea lions - there are about a hundred of them
Остров Старичков Starichkov Island Starichkov Island is treeless rocky atoll is a seabird rookery
Морской круиз по Авачинской бухте Avacha Bay Avacha Bay is one of the most beautiful bays in Russia
Пальмира, прогулочный катер Palmira, pleasure boat Tel. +7-984-160-13-56
Gruper plus Boat trips Tel. +7-984-162-55-55