Viluchinsky Volcano

Vilyuchinsky Volcano’s regular cone, visible across Avacha Bay from Petropavlovsk­Kamchatsky, even from a distance stirs ones imagination with its majesty and splendor. Dazzling white in winter or grey and white from  alternate lines of rock edges and snow paths in summer, Viluchinsky is a true gem of Avacha Bay. Its view is set off by steam pillars, produced by two neighboring volcanoes: Mutnovsky and Gorely. The latter is a bit smaller in size…

Viluchinsky Volcano is extinct, showing no signs of seismic activity. It hasn’t erupted for three thousand years, so far. Deep furrows radiate from the top of the volcano with the cone cut to the west ­ the evidence of past mud and lava flows. The small crater on the northern slope is rimmed by lava outliers. At the piedmont is a small scenic waterfall; the top overlooks a panoramic view of Avacha Bay.

To stroll about the picturesque slopes of Viluchinsky, one should, first, climb up the left side of the
canyon by steep scree rocks, immediately before the waterfall, and then follow snow paths, bypassing the mountain slope and finally coming to grass patches. In summer, the ascent to the top begins along the northwest slope to the rocky belt in the central part, which can be passed along the central couloirs, edged by vertical rocks. The trek takes 5­6 hours. Note that one must have safety equipment to walk on snow paths and ice!
In early summer, when Viluchinsky is still covered with snow, a winter trekking route is still available along the northeast ridge: the rocky ridge is visible and leads right to the top.
However, when the snow melts, the rocks of the ruined ridge sprawl out, making it dangerous to walk.