Охота на Камчатке

Kamchatka’s fauna abounds in animals and birds that may be of strong interest for hunters. They are numerous game birds, wolves, foxes, wolverines, sables… And the special appeal – the  argest  representatives of species – Kamchatka brown bears, moose, snow sheep…

Although hunting grounds are located throughout the peninsula, they are concentrated mostly in Yelizovo, Bystrinsky, Sobolevsky, Ust-Bolsheretsky, Karaginsky, Olutorsky, Penzhinsky, Tigilsky, and Ust-Kamchatsky Districts.
Some grounds are accessible by car. Still most of them can be reached only by a helicopter or cross-country vehicle such as snowmobile or ATV, depending on season. It’s obvious that the farther in the wild and less accessible an area is, the greater are the chances to encounter not only the object of hunting but also other wildlife. However, all this makes hunting fairly expensive.

The opening of hunting seasons vary and depend on the game species:

• for waterfowl (male ducks, ducks, geese) – in Spring, from late April till lateMay, and in Autumn, from        the fourth Saturday of August till late November;

• for upland fowl (male capercaillie) – from mid till late May;