Долина гейзеров

The geysers of Kronotsky Federal Nature Reserve are a true wonder and pride of Russia.

There are only six large geothermal fields in the world with dozens of spouting hot springs concentrated in a small area. They are located in Iceland, in the USA’s Yellowstone National Park, in New Zealand’s Northern Island, in Tibet, Chili, and in Kamchatka.

The Valley of Geysers in Kronotsky Reserve represents a mountain canyon four kilometers wide, 400 meters deep, and eight kilometers long with the flowing Geyzernaya River. Fifty geysers, shooting springs, water and mud pots are found within six km from the river mouth.
Geysers are just one kind of thermal springs. But in contrast to thermal  springs, most geysers spout above the land surface; not all, but most of them, as their behavior is very individual. Geyser Kotly or Boilers, for example, sucks water in instead of ejecting it, while the activityof Vrata Ada or Hell’s Gates, located deep inside two large craters, is not seen but can be heard by visitors to the Valley. 

The geyser’s gryphons (channels) are located so deep that its splashes don’t reach the people standing nearby, while its sound coming from the smoking pits, resembles the breath of a gigantic creature.

At present, visitors can enjoy the modern infrastructure of Uzon­Geyzerny District in Kronotsky Reserve: view­points are equipped with benches and information boards, telescopes offer a better observation of the canyon slopes and animals. The best time for visiting the Valley is July and August when lush vegetation abundantly grows everywhere. What can be more beautiful than sparkling natural fountains against a sapphire sky and emerald grasses flavored with birdsongs and roaring mountain river?! However, the Valley is spectacular in any season – in autumn’s shades of yellow and red, and when the canyon slopes are covered with fluffy snow.

Kronotsky Federal Nature Reserve
• Valley of Geysers
• Kronotskoe Lake
• Shchapinskiye fir tree grove
• Semyachiksky estuary
• Caldera Uzon Volcano
• Graceful fir grove
• Semyachikskie Hot Springs
• Tyushevskie Hot Springs
• Chazhminskie Hot Springs
• Larch forest
• The glaciers of Kronotsky Peninsula

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