The Chukchi

The Chukchi – the Koryaks’ northern neighbors were the Chukchi – “reindeer people” (Chauchu); some of them moved to Kamchatka. A reindeer herd owner with less than one hundred head was considered poor and usually could not farm independently. Chukchi hunted with a bow, stone or bone-pointed arrows, a spear and a harpoon, later these stone and bone tips and arrow heads were change into iron ones.
The Chukchi used nets for fishing, these nets were made of whales’ or deer’s sinews or of leather straps. Also they could use scoop nets and bits. In winter time they fished at an ice hole and in summer - from the river banks or from kayaks. To catch waterfowl or game, Chukchi used bolas and a sling, which along with a bow and a spear could take advantage of them as war weapon.

Chukchi moved mostly by reindeer, but like the Koryaks and the Itelmens they used dogsleds as
transport too. The total number of the Chukchi according to the 2010 Russian population census was 15,908 people, 1,496 of whom lived in Kamchatka.