Kainyran Nomand Camp

Kainyran Nomand Camp


a place where time slows down.


There is a special place in Kamchatka.

Even time passes differently there.

True human qualities are manifested there.

Kindness and love for animals rule there.

A human is one with nature there.


An ethno-cultural complex "Kaynyran" - a kennel of rare sled dogs, a stables with graceful thoroughbred horses, is located on a vast picturesque territory at the foot of volcanoes Koryaksky and Avachinsky, among ecologically clean lakes. Also, tough brown bear Silvester and white-tailed eagle Innokenty live there.

Every evening the sun's rays after sunset paint volcanoes in delicate pink colors and the energy of ancient earth is in the air.

The name of this place is "Kaynyran", translated from Koryak as bear house.

Founder, Director General and chief mastermind of this tourist project - a fragile girl Anfisa Brazaluk: - Today, people spend on its messenger platforms almost twenty-four-hour, surf constantly the internet, receive and process a lot of information, everyone is in a hurry, running, stumbling. Makes you want to shout: "Hey, man! Put your phone away! Look how beautiful the world is!" I tried to create a place where time slows down, where true values come to the fore. Anfisa has repeatedly participated in northern extreme dog-sledding expedition "Beringia" - hence such love for animals. Today, there are 120 rare dogs in the kennel, in whose veins of almost all of them wolf's blood flows. One has only to look once into their turquoise eyes to fall in love with this powerful primitive force from the first moment.

There are Alaskan Malamutes with a serious pedigree, Siberian and Eskimo huskies from the best breeders and, of course, the famous Kamchatka and Chukchi sled dogs with unique working qualities. - It seems incredible, but it seems that here, beneath the volcanoes, we managed to raise and educate a dream pack, - Anfisa shares her emotions. Sled dogs have played a crucial role in Kamchatka for centuries: they have traditionally been used as a means of transportation by ethnic minority of the Peninsula until the middle of the twentieth century. Back at the time, about 50 thousand sled dogs were officially registered in the census! Unfortunately, in the postwar years, the animals were systematically killed – the aim of this measure was to conserve the valuable salmon species of fish. But today, the ancient tradition of sled dog breeding is being actively revived. For example, the same hardy northern blood is now reproduced quite successfully in "Kaynyran" kennels. The "Kaynyran" team trains the puppies for hours each day to raise them to be perfect athletes, motivated team. All dogs are very loyal to the owners, but always welcome guests – they especially love to cuddle with children. During cold seasons, when "Kaynyran" is covered with snow, dogs are trained every day. They regularly walk several tens of kilometers through any terrain, in any weather. A peculiar feature of sled dogs is that they constantly need serious physical activity. The speed of a trained team reaches 60 kilometers per hour.

Guests of "Kaynyran" have a unique opportunity to try their hand at sledding, stand on the sled runners, shout loudly "go!" to the dogs and feel like a real character from Jack London's stories, a true conqueror of the North. In addition, if you are well prepared, you can even go on a small extreme dog sledding expedition with the "Kaynyran" team. Of course, not everyone can take part in such kind of adventure – this is a serious test for someone with a strong spirit.

But everyone without exception can meet the unique expedition dogs that have already travelled across Kamchatka several times from South to North and back in their lives.

Not far from the kennel of sled dogs surrounded by yukolnik (a special Koryak tent for drying fish) is a yaranga (a national home of the northern small-numbered peoples). A sacred process happens inside: the true keeper of the ethnic ancient culture of the Peninsula Lidiya Innokentievna Chechulina tells guests around the campfire tales and legends about the ancient Kamchatka land, about her difficult but interesting childhood at the edge of the world, about nomadic life in the tundra. Tourists always listen to her with bated breath, so as not to miss a single word of the old tune, to fully feel the magical ancestral songs to the tambourine. After such meetings, according to the guests of "Kaynyran", life will never be the same, you see things differently, you get the feeling that you were allowed to touch the incredibly ancient mystery. Near here, on a special platform in natural scenery, theatrical performances are acted based on legends of the northerners, traditional dances are performed. Every sound, every movement is maximally imbued with the energy of the land of volcanoes. The audience catch every movement on like one entranced, they become deeply imbued with the amazing culture of indigenous Kamchadals.

Also, a herd of horses lives in "Kaynyran" - good lookers of Friesian and Andalusian breeds. Someone is headstrong like a changeable Kamchatka wind, and someone is gentle and sweet like the first spring flowers of the Peninsula. It is difficult to stay indifferent when you are next to such amazing animals. We call them here the "soul" of "Kaynyran".

After talking with them even for a short time, you feel an amazing harmony inside. This is exactly what you need after the city bustle. Horseback riding is a special pleasure - you immediately feel connection with nature lost by many people, sleeping instincts wake up inside. - "Children of the Sun" often come to us. We are very happy to have the opportunity to spend time with them. They ride dogs and horses, pet them, play with them. To see their smiles and hear their laughter is a great joy for us, - says Anfisa. – We would very much like to continue to develop this charitable arm in our work. Nature and animals are the best healers, the best antidepressants. - Every one of the team of "Kaynyran" is sincerely in love with this unique tourist project. Even though sometimes we have to be up all night, and sometimes it is physically exhausting - it is still a serious business - a lot of animals that require daily attention, but we still do not see it as work.

"Kaynyran" is the soul, the meaning of life. It is our way of showing the world what love is.


Text: Elena Golovachyova

Photo: Stas Maun, Anfisa Brazaluk


10 reasons to drop everything and go to "Kaynyran":

- Passion for adventure is in your blood, and adventurism is part of your genetic code.

- You want to visit another planet, but your mother does not want you to be an astronaut.

- When you was a child, you loved "Discovery" channel and dreamed to get acquainted with the culture of ancient peoples personally.

- You are a fan of the "Game of Thrones" series and dream to be in places where dragons could live.

- You prefer to combine active leisure and beautiful views – snowmobile, jeep tours and quad bike trips will satisfy this need.

- You do not mind to feel like a Superman with a dip in the miraculous hot springs.

- You are thinking to learn how to drive a dog sled, and friends call you "alpha" because of your eyes.

- You are not afraid that the incredible beauty of the Pacific coast with black sand will leave you speechless.

- You love horses and dream to ride at the foot of volcanoes racing the wind.

- You would like to wake up your instincts and be alone with nature and in harmony with yourself.


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