Чемпионат Камчатского края по рыболовному спорту «Удача рыбака»

Sports fishing is included in the TOP 5 popular sports. Fishing attracts a wide contingent of fans, including people of different sex, age, wealth and social status.

Competitions are divided into amateur and regional. Competitions are a real opportunity to consolidate knowledge, demonstrate skills, gain new experience, and communicate with fellow hobbyists. Fishing tournaments promote outdoor activities, attract many interested spectators, and delight participants and fans. Children, teenagers, whole families can take part in the competition, or you can compete in the individual competition. Valuable prizes await the winners. Residents and guests of Kamchatka have a unique opportunity to get unforgettable impressions of the wonderful landscapes, climb to the top of the fire-breathing one, touch the beauty of Kamchatka nature. The purpose of the event is to form the ecological awareness of the population and respect for nature.

When: March, 2022
Where: Ust-Kamchatsk, Nerpichye Lake