Kluchevskaya Sopka

Among these attractions is Kluchevskaya Sopka (4,750 – 4,850 meters high) or Kluchevskoy – the tallest active volcano in Eurasia. Although Kluchevskoy is “only” the world’s sixth largest, it never fails to fascinate Russian as well as foreign tourists. Erupting ash plumes and lava nearly annually, this giant is one of the world’s most active volcanoes. These frequent eruptions account for its changeable height. The ashy cone has overgrown its crater and it is still growing.

Kluchevskoy Volcano is located 650 km north of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, therefore one must drive several hundred kilometers along the Milkovo - Ust-Kamchatsk gravel road in order to catch its glimpse on the horizon.

Visit Kluchevskoy Nature Park for a closer look at a realm of fire-spitting mountains. The peninsula’s tallest volcanoes are concentrated here. Kluchevskaya Sopka is literally surrounded by them. Kamen or Stone Volcano – 4,575 m, Ushkovsky Volcano – 4,057 m, Krestovsky Volcano – 3,943 m, Bezymianny or Nameless Volcano – 2,869 m, Ostry or Sharp Tolbachik -  3,682 m, Plosky or Flat Tolbachik – 3,085 m, Ovalnaya or Oval Zimina – 3,081 m, Ostraya or Sharp Zimina – 2,744 m, Bolshaya or Big Udina – 2,943 m. The hard-to-reach Sheveluch Volcano (3,283 m) is located aside from this group and is the northernmost active volcano in Kamchatka. 

Apart from Kluchevskaya Sopka, the Nature Park, has other wonderful places that are well-worth the effort to visit. The park contains seven nature monuments: Barany or Sheep Rocks on the Studionaya or Icy Cold River, Ambon Rock, the Basaltic Canyon, Kamennaya Polenitsa or Stone Woodpile of Nameless Volcano, Edelweiss Meadow, the Northern and Southern Cones of Big Cleft Tolbachinsky Eruption 1975-76, and Kozyrevsk Dale. These are hard-to-reach places due to the lack of any road leading to them. At the same time, their inaccessibility makes them precious for rare footprints and absence of vehicle tracks