Mutnovsky Volcano

Mutnovsky is an ancient volcano. This gigantic mountain consists of four merged cones, whose tops have been destroyed to various degree by volcanic activity.

Two partially overlapping craters, which resemble the digit “8,” emerged on the western slopes of the massif a thousand years ago. They are 1.5­2 kilometers in diameter and 300 to 600 meters deep. All modern craters have merged into one crater, containing a rugged glacier on its southern slope and numerous fumarole fields. The external slopes also abound in fumaroles and thermal water outlets. The steaming gas vents in the crater are encrusted with volcanic sulfur, sometimes forming domelike structures 2.5 meters high and up to 5 meters in diameter.

The area close to the Vulkannaya River contains water wells and mud cauldrons. As for the river, it makes its way through the western slopes of the northern crater and ends in an 80­meter high waterfall, forming a deep canyon – Opasny or Dangerous Canyon. Both the waterfall and the canyon add zest to the view of the volcano, and along with other criteria make the latter a world natural monument.

The serpentine, which starts on the territory of Mutnovskaya Geothermal Power Station between its main building and Utinnye Istochniki or Duck Springs Lake, runs along Skalistaya or Rocky and Dvugorbaya or Double­ Peak Mountains to a spacious pass, located between Dvugorbaya and Mutnovsky Volcano. A trail leading southwest to Dangerous Canyon in bypass of Otkhodiaschy Ridge starts here. With the waterfall left behind, one can rise to the glacier in the largest crater by the snow paths, lying in a chasm. Then in bypass of vigorous fumaroles, one can get to the upper active
crater with the glacial lake by walking along the ridge above the river.

The trek to Mutnovsky Volcano does not have any class of difficulty. 
Nevertheless, one should not risk and go there unfit or without an experienced guide. Before going to any volcano, it is strongly recommended to register at the local Ministry of Emergency!