Восхождение на Авачинский вулкан

It’s one of the few volcanoes located close to the city and is the main hero of the celebration – Volcano Day Festival. An ascent to it is a kind of initiation into “True Kamchadals”. Experienced tourists recommend climbing this volcano.

The road from Petropavlovsk-­Kamchatsky to the foot of Avacha takes about two hours. After a short rest from the rough road, a tour into the realm of mountain plants begins!

The route to Koryaksky Volcano gives a good idea of the vegetation growing there. A 2­-2.5 hour walk takes plant enthusiasts along the road, past slag fields, notches, and hills.

Moving ahead, the group passes Siberian alder (Alnus fruticosa). Here the notches and glades are covered with wooly or northern geranium, goldish rhododendron, Kamchatka rhododendron, spirea­leaved goldenrod (Solidago spiraeifolia), narcissus anemone (Anemonastrum villosissima), pallid  spaintbrush,  sudetic lousewort (Pedicularis interrioides), fireweed, northern groundcone (Boschniakia rossica), and false­tilesii saw­wort. A lucky person may encounter blossoming spotted lady’s slippers; it’s a miracle they may grow at this altitude. Siberian alder gradually gives way to clumps of mountain or Japanese stone pine (Pinus pumila), intermingled with typical plants of stony tundra. 

The trek to Avacha Volcano does not have any class of difficulty.
Nevertheless, one should not risk and go there unfit or without an experienced guide. Before going to any volcano, it is strongly recommended to register at the local Ministry of Emergency!