Paratunka Thermal Springs

Nizhnye Paratunskye Thermal Springs
 Nizhnye Paratunskye or Lower Paratunka Thermal Springs are easy to reach, which makes them very popular with the residents and visitors. Thermal water outlets, heated by the earth to 92 °С, are found in the Paratunka River valley. Of all places with thermal springs, this area is the most habitable. There are many recreation centers with swimming
pools, comfortable rooms, and lodges. The recreation centers and resorts are located 60 kilometers from Petropavlovsk.
Verkhne-Paratunskye Springs
Verkhne-Paratunskye or Upper Paratunka Springs are situated 18 km southwest of Paratunka village on the left slope of the river valley with the same name. They are concentrated on a small slope break of Goryachaya or Hot Hill. Here about twenty hot springs merge, forming three warm parallel brooks. Seventy meters downstream from their sources, the brooks, flowing along abrupt slopes, end in a warm waterfall. The springs are located 70 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. 

Karymshinskye Hot Springs
These springs are a part of Upper Paratunka geothermal system. They are located 80 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in the Karymshina River valley. In the center of the spring site there is a
borehole with outflowing hot water. There is also a small pool, a changing room, and a pool with cool water. From May to November one can reach them from Petropavlovsk by any transport except for public bus. In winter – by snowmobile or skis from Termalny settlement.