SUP TOURS (stand up, paddle) – a movement on the water on a board, very similar to a surfboard, with the help of a paddle.


General information

Number of people in a group – from 4 to 20

The cost is from 2000 Rubles

The costs include: set of equipment

(SUP board, life jacket, suit),

drinking water, SUP board training,

route guide.

Also, depending on the type of tour –

food and transfer (specify the information

when ordering a tour).


Central embankment of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy


The city embankment is an ideal place for training and rest on SUP boards. The route passes

through the fishing fleet moorage to the beach in Seroglazka district. And than along the Nikolskaya hill to the historical monument "Maksutov's battery".

There is a possibility of coming across the fur seals and different species of birds on the way over.

2 hours in the evening

Any level of training


Tikhaya Bay is one of the smallest and cozy bays in the water area of Avacha Bay. It is located on the opposite bank from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy

The main attraction of this place is the beautiful grottoes, majestic stacks and columnar rocks. Our trip starts at the picturesque beach of Zavoyko Peninsula (Srednyaya Lagernaya Bay) by motor boat. Fishing is included in the route.

During your vacation, you will be offered a sea-fish Ukha, as well as other delicacies from the depths of the sea. There is a possibility of coming across the marine mammals and birds on the way over.

7 hours

Average level of training



 Sup family Kamchatka

+7-914-781-8600, +7-902-464-2574


Qualified guides

SUP International Certificate of ISA (International Surfing Association)



Zavoyko Peninsula

The trip starts at a picturesque Malaya Lagernaya Bay along the Russia's naval base with a stop at stack (natural rock), inhabited by sea birds. Here, travelers will see around the island, get photographed against the background of the natural monument - Three Brothers. Then the route goes to one of the Peninsula's beaches, where we will camp down. You will have a snack, explore the surroundings, visit the lake The final part of the journey is the cemetery of dead ships. There is a possibility of coming across the different species of birds on the way over.

Average level of training

4 hours


The way to the ocean

Trip along the Khalaktyrka river to the Pacific Coast. At the beginning of the route, the calm and wide riverbed will immerse you in a peaceful mood favourable to contemplation of the natural surroundings. Then you will need to take the effort by passing narrow channels along the circuitous riverbed, where the flow rate is higher. Then the river is wide again, and the flow rate is lower. As a result, you will find yourself on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, where endless fields of volcanic black sand are connected with the raging power of the waves.

Average level of training

5 hours



Sailing trip to the South of Kamchatka

Sailing trip along the bays of the South of Kamchatka (Vilyuchinskaya, Russian, Listvennichnaya) is a true rest for body and soul. There is no cellular service or radio. The expedition starts at the center of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. In the evening, after arrival to Russian Bay, we will have a SUP tour, you will receive a paddle training and basic control skills. On the second day, we will explore the Listvennichnaya Bay, Cape Piramidny and its grottoes, go ashore, where streams flow down from waterfalls. Next, we will go to the habitat of sea lions on Cape Kekurny, and here you will have an opportunity to master fishing from a SUP board, and fishing is always successful in this area! On the way back to the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy Port, we will visit Vilyuchinskaya

Bay and Cape Zeleny. The top of the Cape, where there is a lighthouse, offers a picturesque view of Bays Vilyuchinskaya, Zhirovaya and the Vilyuchik volcano. On the way to the port, we will walk along the Starichkov island where 11 species of seabirds nest.


Average level of training

3 days