Снегоходные туры

Freedom of movement and high speed let tourists see out-of-the-way places. Many hard to reach places in summer become accessible for tourists on snowmobiles in winter thanks to solid snow cover.

Snowmobiling is very popular with active holiday-makers in Kamchatka.

At present, this service is offered by many travel companies and can last from a few hours to several days and include visiting volcanoes or hot springs… Routes pass by beautiful landscapes, so that tourists can enjoy spectacular scenery. If you wish, you can drive a snowmobile.

Where to goOne-day tours are most popular. Avacha Volcano, Khalaktyrsky Beach (Pacific Coast), Viluchinsky Waterfall, and Gorely Volcano are favorable places for brief tours in the vicinity of Petropavlovsk. Such tours are easy even for unfit people. Skiers and snowboarders are advised to take their equipment as almost a half of the route back can be covered on skis or snowboards. 

Some routes offer hot springs as a bonus. For example, Nalychevo, Bannye, or Pushchinskye Hot Springs. Many companies also offer snowboarding tours from two to 10 days to Mutnovsky Volcano, Tumrokskye, Pushchinskye Hot Springs, etc. The list of places to visit is limited only by your imagination.

When to go. Snowmobile tours are available from early December till late June. 

Useful information. Most routes run across nature parks, sanctuaries, and hunting grounds making it a necessity to acquire a license in advance and a permit to visit a protected area.

What to take with you. First of all, you need warm clothes, designed specially for snowmobiling. Also some spare dry wear should be taken in case you get wet and swimsuits if you travel to hot springs. Take some food and fuel.
A spade, a torch, a gas primus, a first-aid kit, a GPS navigator, and a flare may come in handy.
Be aware that no mobile coverage is provided in most places you may visit, so take care about a means of communication in advance. It can be either a satellite phone or a pager. Tour operators may offer most things listed above, however find out what exactly you will have to take with you.