Russian Bay

At the entrance to Russian Bay there is a rookery of Steller's sea lions - there are about a hundred of them. Huge males lie surrounded by their numerous harem of females, and the shores of the bay are inhabited by a lot of birds circling in the air and catching the fish in coastal water.

On the way to the Russian bay you can observe whales and the families of “domestic” killer whales, cutting the bay waters with their black triangular fins.  As we move further towards the bay, you will discover lazy sea otters lying in the sun near the La Perouse stones. Finally, there is a famous sea lions rookery situated at the entrance to the Russian bay (Cape Kekurniy) and containing about a hundred of animals. Huge males (beach masters) are surrounded by their harem of numerous females. The shores are inhabited by various bird colonies: cormorants, puffins, auklets, ducks and gulls swirling in the air and swooping into water for fish.