Курильское озеро

Kuril Lake: a paradise for wildlife photographers.

Kuril crater lake was born by a powerful volcanic explosion.
Fed with melted snow and rain water, surrounded by volcanoes, Kuril Lake instantly enamors photographers, film operators, and painters.

Ilinsky is a young active stratovolcano 1,600 meters high. In times past, its lava flows drained into the lake, creating picturesque coves. In quiet weather, the mountain is reflected in the lake’s smooth surface like in a huge mirror, occupying 77 km2. Its maximum depth is 316 meters. Kuril hot springs
steam in Teplaya or Warm Bay among lava rocks. There is a well­known legend about the rocky heart­shaped island, called Alaid’s Heart. Another legend tells about the majestic monument of nature – Kutkhiny Baty.
Even in winter when bears den, Kuril Lake doesn’t become secluded. An unrivaled colony of birds of prey – from 300 to 700 Steller’s sea eagles, up to 100­150 white­tailed eagles, and up to 50 golden eagles – gathers here.
Whooper swans and ducks feast on salmon roe in areas not covered by ice. The size of the beautiful Steller’s sea eagle amazes – the wing spread of this bird may reach 2.5 meters. It’s the largest bird of prey in Russia. Besides fish, it also feeds on mammals (hares, youngpolar foxes, young seals) and carrion.

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