Комикс «Как не поссориться с медведем?»

A comic strip «How not to make the bear angry?» is an initiative of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve implemented with the support of the Association of Specially Protected Natural Territories of the Kamchatka region. Target audience is tourists, fishermen and pickers of wild plants. An increase in cases of bears attacking people became a good reason for the comic strip creation.

«We faced several questions: how to tell about serious and important things in an easy and understandable format? How to present complicated and official information which is vital for a person’s life and health in such a way that it will become interesting and will make the person think it over and memorize? 

Almost immediately we got an answer-we should present the rules of behavior when a man encounters a bear in the form of the code of conduct,» Nadezhda Belyakova, a specialist of the educational tourism department of the Kronotsky reserve, said.

The booklet is based on the materials of the monographs of biologists and hunting specialists B. N Gordienko and T.A. Gordienko «Kamchatka’s brown bear (a short practical guide on ecology and conflict prevention)». In total there are 10 useful pieces of advice illustrated by a Moscow artist Bird Born. Free of charge comic strips distributed by specialists of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve have immediately become popular with tourists: both, Russian and foreign.

Comics - the property of the Kronotsky Reserve.