The Itelmens

The Itelmens are the most ancient inhabitants of Kamchatka. Their settlements were governed by toyon-chiefs (foremen in Russian northern provinces), whose names can still be found on Kamchatka’s maps: Nachiky, Taria, Malky, Apacha, Ganaly, etc.
The principal activity of the Itelmens was river and sea fishing. They caught salmon in the rivers and far eastern cod , smelt and saffron cod in the sea. Itelmen hunted different species of sea mammals including seals, from which they used the fat and meat as food for people and dogs.
In the forests the Itelmens hunted large animals including brown bears and snow sheep. In order to get fur pelts, the Itelmens hunted sable, fox, otter, wolverine, etc. They used pelts as produce for bartering and trade.

Gathering of plants was also very popular among the Itelmens. They stored good quantities of grass for weaving of mats, baskets, boxes, bags and different capes. Women gathered berries, herbs, roots, lily bulbs, and pine nuts. Plants were both eaten and used as medicine. According to the 2010 year census conducted in Russia, there were 3,093 Itelmens, 2,394 of them lived in Kamchatka. 

Information provided by the ethno-ecological 
informational centre «Lach»