Что взять с собой на Камчатку?

Tips from a seasoned traveler, a great lover of Kamchatka, Dmitry Kulikov.

Are you going to set off across Kamchatka in summer and planning to mount at least one volcano? Then I’ll tell you what you will need for sure.

You should keep in mind that the weather in Kamchatka is changeable. It can be very hot at midday, and you will feel comfortable in shorts and sandals, and in two hours even a windbreaker will not save you from cold drizzling rain.

I recommend you to take the following things with you.

•       Two sets of dry clothes. In case of ascent, there is high probability you’ll get wet with rain or sweat, so you’d better avoid moisture retaining fiber, like wool, and take moisture-wicking layered clothing, fleece…

•       A thick windbreaker or a warm jacket as it can be very cold in Kamchatka even in mid-summer.

•       Two pairs of trekking shoes. If you have only one pair, take protective gaiters and a boot dryer.

•       Fleece gloves. It’s cold in the mountains, especially when it rains. Fleece retains body heat and dries fast.

•       Trekking poles. Some people think they are useless considering them more as a fashionable accessory. However they may come in handy. Using them the right way, you can decrease 30 % of the workload from the legs and waist.  

•       A weatherproof jacket or coat. It should be made either of thick or rubberized cloth to resist strong winds.

•       Heaters and warmers. Either a gas heating pad or a single use chemical warmer. The latter are produced even in the shape of shoe soles, while others are adhesive and can be used on the area exposed to cold.

•       Packed lunch. Always take some food rich in carbohydrates (chocolate, nuts, cheese, bread) and water with you. A small thermos with hot tea will make a break even more pleasurable.

•       A knife, lighter, torch, and some rope. Experienced tourists never leave city limits without them. It would be great if you never need them, but it’s better to have them just in case.

•       Some mosquito repellent. There are places where gnat and mosquitoes are unbelievably bloodthirsty, so it’s better to be prepared for an encounter with them in advance.

•       A swimming suit. Although swimming in the ocean is a choice of desperate people, swimming in a thermal spring is a must for everyone. Thus, a swimming suit or trunks must be among the first things you put into your suitcase regardless of a season.

•       Cheerful mood and optimism. Sometimes you may feel cold, wet, and uncomfortable on route. But it’s a small price tourists may pay for the beauty Kamchatka reveals. Just ascend a volcano, see the surrounding stunning scenery and you will in no time forget about all inconveniences!