Камчатка - мечта рыболова

25 January 2016

Kamchatka presents a rare combination of opportunities for ecotourism as well as recreational fishing due to its large area – an equivalent of several European countries combined. With its abundance of biological resources, unique eco-systems, and low population density, Kamchatka offers an array of recreational fishing, including marine, river, and lake fishing for winter and summer seasons.

Marine fishing tourism in Kamchatka has great development potential due to vast expanses of  surrounding water basins, abundance, and diversity of marine life. However at present, deep sea fishing is in its infancy. Fishing areas are concentrated only within Avacha Bay. Nevertheless, Petropavlovsk boasts well organized sea fishing tours with associated services. A wide choice is offered: from single day group trips, to renting a comfortable ocean yacht for any period. Trophy fish include flounder, greenling, sea bass, goby, Pacific cod, saffron cod, and the most valuable species – a huge halibut; some specimens can weigh over 100 kilos.

Marine species, like urchins and crabs, can be picked up from the sea bottom by a professional diver if you wish. It will make your fishing experience more exciting.
For over 20 years, inland fishing tourism has been developed to a great extent. A variety of tours with different fishing conditions, technologies, and programs, limited only by your financial resources and imagination, are at your service. Hard-to-please anglers can enjoy the special offer of lodging aboard a comfortable mother ship with almost all the blessings of modern civilization: cozy rooms, living rooms, good food, saunas, a shower, satellite TV, and Internet. Skilled guides guarantee good fishing, secured by high quality equipment and reliable motorboats.

Although wilderness camps do not offer as much comfort and service, they give a great chance to live in the wild. Anglers are accompanied by experienced guides on motorboats who take them to numerous secluded fishing areas. However, one should choose a rafting and fishing tour to feel complete unity with nature. Moreover, rafting offers accessibility to the wildest parts of rivers providing a great opportunity to appreciate the primeval majesty of Kamchatka.

The peninsula’s rivers enjoy a maximum diversity of the Pacific salmon species (Oncorhynchus), inhabiting the Asian coast of the Pacific.

All six species enter rivers for spawning: chinook, sockeye, chum, humpback, coho salmon, and cherry salmon. Many rivers are inhabited by different forms of Pacific salmon (Parasalmo) – rainbow trout and Kamchatka salmon (migratory form). Several char species (Salvelinus), including Siberian char, are found there.

Planning your journey to Kamchatka and choosing a travel company, make sure of its professionalism and good reputation. Try to avoid middlemen.

And the most important advice: if you are looking for a place where it’s always warm and dry, with no mosquitoes, and where fish “trophy” is 100 per cent guaranteed absolutely effortlessly, there is no better place than a supermarket.

But if you are looking for true Fishing, which will divide your life into “before” and “after” it, visit Kamchatka! Good luck with fishing!