Kamhatka Ethnotourism

If you are curious about life and cultures of northern aboriginal people, welcome to Kamchatka! Here at the world’s end, time alters its customary flow taking us on its winding turns to distant times through the traditions, customs, and crafts of Kamchatka’s natives – the Koryaks, Itelmens, Evens, and the
Chukchi people.
Visitors may experience purification rituals and learn about a traditional way of life in hospitable ethnic villages. In an aboriginal dwelling, at the fire-place, you will be treated to traditional cuisine (reindeer shurpa – strong meat broth with vegetables or rice; fish-soup; wild plant salads and herbal teas); will take part in a dance competition; listen to a jaw harp; attend either a bead weaving or a fish skin processing master-class…

Visit the ethnographic nomad camps of Kamchatka to learn more about culture of the Itelmens, Koryaks, and the Evens. If you want to see Kamchatka’s natives dancing to drums in their traditional clothes, to participate in contests, taste ethnic cuisine, and listen to ethnic songs, you may visit any of the ethnic festivals – Alkhalalay (the Itelmens’ ritual festival of purging of sins), the Koryaks’ thanksgiving holiday “Khololo” or the Evens’ New Year festival Nurganek.

Information provided by the ethno-ecological
informational centre «Lach»